Thursday, December 17, 2009

The McKinnis Consulting Group LLC Receives 2009 Best of Business Award

Small Business Commerce Association's Award Honors the Achievement

SAN FRANCISCO, November 7, 2009, The McKinnis Consulting Group LLC has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in the Sales (including sales management) consultant category by the Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA)

The Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is pleased to announce that The McKinnis Consulting Group LLC has been selected for the 2009 Best of Business Award in Sales (including sales management) consultant category.

The SBCA 2009 Award program recognizes the top 5% of the small businesses throughout the country. Using consumer feedback, the SBCA identifies companies that we believe have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy. The selection committee chooses the award winners from nominees based off information taken from monthly surveys administrered by the SBCA, a review of consumer rankings, and other consumer reports. Award winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great.

About Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA)

Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) is a San Francisco based organization. The SBCA is a private sector entity that aims to provide tactical guidance with many day to day issues that small business owners face. In addition to our main goal of providing a central repository of small business operational advice; we use consumer feedback to identify companies that exemplify what makes small business a vital part of the American economy.

SOURCE: Small Business Commerce Association

Small Business Commerce Association


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cash for Clunkers - Success or Failure? It Depends On...

...the Sales Reps at the dealerships. Many critics are judging the recently implemented Cash for Clunker program by the overall sales results of the program.

Like most sales organizations, critics are falling into the same trap as most sales organizations - managing results vs. activity. High performance sales cultures understand it's the activity that drives results. Think of this way The Government is the Marketing Department and the Auto Dealers are the Sales channel of a company. Marketing has deployed this GREAT campaign and is now relying on the Sales team to capitalize. Marketing is generating interest, the sales team needs to close business. Trying to achieve desired sales results without achieving the necessary activity levels is like facing an Ultimate Fighting Champion with one hand tied behind your back - you'll get beat down!

Given the activity the Cash for Clunker program has generated recently, it should be considered a HUGE success. Early indications are struggling dealerships are seeing renewed foot traffic they haven't experienced in months. Buyers are inspired to take advantage of the short term offer by the program.

Now it will be up to the Dealerships i.e. Sales Reps to close the deals. No pressure auto sales professionals! Only the U.S. Govt, the entire U.S. Auto Industry and the global economic recovery efforts are depending on you!

The ball is in your court ladies and gentlemen of the auto profession. Knowing the true sales professionals you are, I'm sure you wouldn't want it any other way.

Make it happen and make us fellow Sales Professionals proud!

Friday, July 31, 2009

$100K Sales Jobs: B2B Opportunity in Pharmacy Sales

Wanted ASAP: Experienced B2B Sales Professionals for high profile Sales Account Manager positions in Pittsburgh/Ohio territory. Compensation includes High Base + Commission with rapidly growing sales organization. For more details, please see below:

Pittsburgh Area -
Cincinnati Area -
Columbus Area -

Interviewing ASAP! To apply, please send email your resume to and you will be contacted promptly. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sales Is Simple from Luck to Leverage Bonus Chapter - 1 + 1 =3

Current sales results causing stress? Discover how to thrive in sales, even through the toughest of economic times. Want to learn how to position yourself for sustainable sales success?
Growing from a 7 year old kid selling lemonade on the Southside of Chicago to leading a $60B sales organization for a Global Fortune 400 company at the age of 30, I know about all about sales challenges and can assist YOU. During my sales career I made an amazing discovery that changed my "cloudy" view on sales and simplified the entire process, it ultimately change my life! I was inspired to to write a book about my discovery to assist others who struggle with the emotional roller coaster ride of the sales profession.
Below is an excerpt from the Bonus Chapter from my book Sales is Simple from Luck to Leverage...
How to [Truly] Increase Your Sales in Just 12 Months

As with any sense of major sales accomplishment comes a bonus. A sales bonus is the infamous carrot to most salespeople. The most rewarding are the unannounced bonuses, such as this one to celebrate your achievement for reading the entire book.

Recently I came across yet another "Guru" spouting how he can teach salespeople and organizations to double their sales results in 12 months. It piqued my interest so I decided to indulge in his seminar. Yet again my indulgence led to disappointment. The Guru was yet another guy teaching "smash mouth" sales gimmicks and tactics that only unethical salespeople can appreciate. So allow me to set the record straight by supplying a simple and effective strategy, that if worked properly, can result in truly increasing, (more than doubling perhaps tripling should you choose!) sales in in 12 months. There are 4 things that will help you increase your sales immediately:...

If you are new to sales or a seasoned veteran, you'll be exposed to new cutting egde sales material to help you Increase Revenue, Create Customers for Life and Close More Deals Faster - GUARANTEED!!

For more details and a quantum boost in your sales results, purchase a copy of Sales is Simple from Luck to Leverage. Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - click here

Don't rely on other stimulus packages - Create your own!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Avoid Our Costly Mistakes, Close More Deals (Faster) Selling This Concept...

Agreed...sales cycles are extended, margins are slim and now the chase is on for quality prospects. it possible to achieve rising sales quotas? Keep reading...

For some, things are bleak. Yet to others, this time presents a GREAT opportunity to shine and gain business! Since you're still reading I'll assume you're ready to seize the moment so allow me to assist you...

External forces will happen and we will NEVER be able to control them. What we CAN control is how we respond and adjust as sales professionals. My experience stems from growing a $40B business unit 50% in just 18 months - we faced similar challenges during that time of explosive growth. In addition we made our share of mistakes, however we learned some good lessons from the experience. As a Sales Management Consultant, I'm noticing Sales Organizations and Sales Reps are making some similar mistakes such as: selling on price, forcing sales cycles, managing results, etc...

If we really pay close attention, we can conclude that today's sales challenges are really issues resulting in the absence of Value. Think about it...

Why are sales cycles extended? Prospects are hesitant for fear of wasting resources.

Why are we challenged to sell on price? Prospects want to keep costs low.

Sales success in today's climate will depend on establishing immediate Value

Let's define what we're really talking about to avoid any misinterpretation...

Val-ue [val-yoo],-ued, -u-ing. -noun Def. relative worth, merit, or importance

Recognizing worth, merit or importance eases the fear of wasted resources and ouweighs costs. In addition, in this competitive environment, it's the Sales Rep who establishes immediate value that closes the sale and does so - quickly!

Also please realize prospects, now more than ever, are buying Benefits NOT Features. It's great you can offer the best "whiz bang" product or service. However, if you cannot tie in the benefit quickly - it's meaningless. Given current market conditions people, particularly C-Level prospects, are short on time and patience right now.

Below are 7 key benefits that inspire prospects to take immediate action, use them early to grab the attention of your prospects. Linking and conveying the relevant features with the following benefits in unison will create a stronger value proposition:

  1. Make Money

  2. Save Money

  3. Save Time

  4. Offer Convenience

  5. Offer Safety

  6. Eliminate Worry

  7. Reduce Risk

Establishing immediate Value and leveraging the benefits above will position you to win more sales regardless of market conditions.

Want a proven process to achieve your desired sales results? In just 97 power packed easy to read pages Sales is Simple from Luck to Leverage offers proven, simple, cutting edge methods to:

  • Making more $$$ in sales
  • Close sales faster
  • Create customers for life

In addition, you'll discover how ANYONE can become a High Performance salesperson AND why the simple process outlined in the book NEVER fails. 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee. Order yours today!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surviving The Sales Stretch...

The Stretch [stretch] verb def - an unbroken period of time in which you are going to accomplish something.

Remember your favorite "Come from behind, when all the chips are down, able to gain victory anyway" movie? I.e. Rocky, Remember The Titans, Gladiator or The Miracle type movies. If you recall, there's a time when failure appears evident and the agony of defeat is quickly approaching, that time period is considered - The Stretch.

The current reality is most of us as Salespeople, Managers or Entrepreneurs are in The Stretch. There are 3 things I want to encourage us to consider for survival...

1) Our Sales Activity and Attitude Will Determine Our Stay
Ever wonder why most 80% of salespeople fail? It's quite simple...they don't see enough people. During our current environment, now is NOT the time to be fearful and panic about things beyond our control. We must focus on even higher sales activity levels and connect with more people via Prospecting, Marketing, SEO, etc... As a Sales Consultant, we currently work with sales staffs that are now operating at triple the normal activity levels to achieve desired sales results.

During hard times - it's easy to adopt a selfish attitude and focus on the "What's in it for me" mentality. However, I want to let in on a little secret - Giver's gain. The more you give, the more you are rewarded in return - It's a fabulous concept! Unfortunately, most salespeople don't know how this operates, it's a bit much to explain in this writing. However, if you want more information on how the concept works, I encourage you to test it for yourself - please see below.

2) Words are Powerful
Whether you believe in the power words have or not is irrelevant. The truth is words have tremendous power! For the sales professional, this is particularly important because of who we speak to most of the time - Ourselves! And during these challenging times it's easy fall into the trap of speaking negatively about your personal situation, sales team or business. I encourage you to become sensitive to negative talk and address it as quickly as possible because, like a thief in the night it can rob you of success and position you for an extended period of time in The Stretch.

3) Doubt the Doubt and Disbelief
The element of doubt and disbelief can paralyze sales momentum. It is vital for us to protect ourselves from these twin evils during our time in The Stretch. As these sneaky predators begin to creep in, it's important to address them immediately. How? Doubt both the doubt and disbelief. Doubt and disbelief are weapons of distraction designed to steer you off your course of action. Staying focused on the goals at hand and expressing doubt in any "weapons" formed against you are essential for success.

In Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, he tells the story of R.U. Darby who later became one of the most successful insurance salesmen of his time. He did so after learning a very valuable lesson. Long story short, he participated in the "Gold Rush" and owned land that produced some gold initially. However, after continued mining the land produced nothing and he later sold it. The buyer, re-examined Mr. Darby's calculations, determined R.U. Darby was off by 3 feet, mined accordingly and eventually made millions. Mr. Darby was 3 feet from a fortune because he gave up during The Stretch. This valuable lesson subsequently helped him become a successful salesman. We can all learn from R.U. Darby's experience...

What are you 3 feet away from?

Giver's Gain Challenge - To experience the true essence of how this concept works, you must give more of what it is you wish to receive. Want more referrals? Give more referrals. Want more business? Help another gain more business. It's just that simple and easy! Experts say it takes 21 days for any activity to become habit. I encourage you to test the Giver's Gain Challenge for the next 21 days and see for yourself how powerful the concept is!

Let us help you! Want better sales results? Purchase 2 copies of my book, Sales is Simple - From Luck to Leverage, (Available on Amazon, Barnes & or keep one for yourself and give the other away. Want even better results? Give more away!

If after 30 days you are not satisfied, send the book back along with your receipt and we will refund your money - satisfaction guaranteed!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Want Better Sales Results from Your Sales Staff? Stop the Pain! Check the Sales Process…

While listening to news radio the other day, a Sales Guru serving as a guest of a talk show was asked to offer his advice given the current economic environment. He stated he has some VERY valuable advice for business owners to assist them through the crises - the show then went to a commercial break - as they often do when some good information is to follow.

During the commercial break you could feel the anticipation build. Listeners were gearing up to receive the magic bullet - the solution they needed to manage through the economic peril. After the commercial break and a pregnant pause, the Sales Guru proceeded to share his infinite wisdom...

"You business owners need to lighten up on the sales reps because it's hard out
here. We're in some very challenging times and you need to tone it down a bit."

Afterwards, I could sense the deflation and disappointment from the radio audience. The Guru had just confessed that he too had become a victim of the PAIN CHAIN. But was he onto something???

In challenging times sales leaders in organizations tend to fire up the Pain Chain - when sales results are not realized the pressure gets cranked up in hopes of improving results. The Pain Chain can cause frustration, stress, anxiety, etc…sound familiar? Most importantly, the Pain Chain, if not addressed properly can cause failure. As a Sales Consultant and founder of The McKinnis Consulting Group, I see this far too often and it really is a symptom of a bigger problem – the lack of a sound sales process.

My team and I grew a multi-billion dollar sales organization 50% in just 18 months - we could not have done it through Pain Chain pressure. The key was having an efficient and effective sales process. The cornerstone of a highly effective sales process is simply – Managing Relevant Sales Activity...Not Results. Many companies fall into the trap of trying to manage results when it is actually the underlying relevant sales activity that should be managed. This concept is so important that I dedicated an entire chapter to the concept in my new book Sales is Simple From Luck to Leverage (available on Here’s an excerpt…

As a salesperson, how many times have you heard the “pick it up” phrase from a
Sales Manager or a C – level (CEO, CFO, etc) Executive? What does it mean
exactly? Do more calls need to be made? Do more hours need to be

It is the “pick it up” phrases that get thrown around and
scramble afterwards that will suck the energy and life from a sales force if
they are not clear on what to do. It’s like being given a map of London when you
are trying driving from Chicago to New York – it’s frustrating.

Managing your sales activities is not only the key to achieving
high performance sales success it also the key to achieving sustainable success.

What good is making high levels of cold calls if you are not
achieving the desired results?

To effectively manage sales results
the focus has to be on the relevant sales activities. In the simplest terms,
relevant sales activity can be described in 3 categories:

Inconsistent sales results are a function of inconsistent or unmanaged sales activity. Some examples of relevant sales activity are Attempts, Contacts, Appointments and Conversions. The most important of these activities are the Contacts. Contacts are defined as opportunities to initiate the sales process i.e. phone conversations with decision makers, presentations, etc. Experience has proven, increased Contacts lead to increased Results - it's that simple.
An effective sales process should deliver desired results, if not, the process should be evaluated and modified.

Discovering how to ramp up contacts consistently can lead your sales efforts to sustainable high performance levels and a recession proof sales process. Marketing and Advertising are essential for driving contacts. However, if you are strapped with cutbacks and shrinking budgets there are 3 simple things to incorporate into your sales process for your Sales Reps:

1) Reduce the Pain - Create a “Contacts” Goal - determine the goal based upon the desired sales results a.

2) Manage Contact Levels Weekly – It’s a simple fact, what gets measured get done -accountability is everything!

3) Reward Behavior, Celebrate the Sense of Accomplishment – If the contact goals are accomplished, acknowledge them with your team. Some ideas are lunches, dinners, unannounced prizes, etc. Use what’s best to motivate your team. If you’re and entrepreneur – celebrate your own accomplishment the best way you know how.

During these times, be encouraged to maintain your Contacts at high levels. Sales teams we currently work with are operating at very high activity levels, under normal conditions their efforts would place them at 200% of goal. However they are still achieving desired results. Are you?

Reducing the Pain, evaluating your sales process and holding your sales staff accountable are the keys to managing through this economic climate. Please understand, your prospects and clients are still doing business, the question is, are they doing business with you.